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Our leading services

TES solutions offer the best of all worlds to companies and candidates alike. With the rise of the current gig economy, businesses and assignees across the globe are finding added freedom and growth with this innovative work model. A gig economy operates flexibly, cost-effectively, and with more practical options for all players involved. Our gig-orientated solutions are turn-key and ready to operate specifically to your business needs.

TES White-Collar

TES White-Collar Placements

  • Temporary placements across industries
  • Available countrywide
  • Flexible and turn-key solutions

Inbound and Outbound
Call Centres.

Inbound and Outbound Call Centres

  • Covering voice, webchat, and email
  • Extensive database of agents
  • Full candidate screening performed


Payroll Management

  • Maintain consistent compliance with all laws and regulation
  • Accurately compensating employees for services rendere
  • Payroll solutions and system integrations

Project Consulting
and Management.

Project Consulting and Management

  • Temporary support immediately available
  • Entrust entire projects to our capable team
  • End-to-end management

Candidate Assessment,
Verification and Biometrics.

Candidate Assessment, Verification and Biometrics

  • Comprehensive interviews conducted
  • Full background checks available
  • Biometrics captured and verified

Business Process
Outsourcing Solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

  • Outsource an entire business function
  • Extensive contact centre outsourcing experience
  • Allow time to focus on core business

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