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At Teleresources, we specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier remote professionals from South Africa. Our expertise in offshore permanent recruitment opens a world of possibilities for your business, offering unmatched benefits in both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our Comprehensive Recruitment Process

We handle everything from sourcing to onboarding:

Quality Sourcing: We meticulously source and vet candidates to ensure only the most qualified professionals are considered.

Rigorous Assessment: Candidates undergo thorough evaluations, including interviews and skills assessments.

Seamless Integration: From organizing virtual interviews to facilitating project presentations, we ensure a smooth integration of talent into your business operations.

Payroll and Compliance Management: As your Employer of Record, we manage all aspects of offshore payroll and compliance, alleviating administrative burdens.

Enhancing Your Business with Remote Teams

Our approach is designed to maximize the potential of remote work:

Regular Check-Ins: Maintain high engagement and alignment with frequent, structured virtual meetings.

Employee Development: Offer continuous professional growth opportunities through online courses and webinars.

Community Building: Foster a positive work culture with virtual team-building activities.

Clear Objectives: Set and communicate clear goals to keep the team focused and motivated.

Efficient Tools: Utilize the best in project management and communication tools for effective collaboration.

International Recognition

South Africa’s standing as the Most Favoured Offshore CX Delivery Location reflects the country’s excellence in remote services. This accolade, alongside its robust telecommunications infrastructure, strong talent pool, and gender equity practices, positions South Africa as a premier destination for outsourcing.

Why Choose South African Remote Talent?

Strategic Geographical Advantage: Located in the convenient GMT+2 time zone, our South African workforce is perfectly positioned to collaborate seamlessly with teams in the USA, UK, and Europe.
Exceptional Communication Skills: With excellent English proficiency and a clear, universally understood accent, our South African professionals ensure smooth and effective communication.
Cultural Compatibility: Sharing many cultural similarities with Western countries, our team integrates effortlessly, ensuring a cohesive working environment.
Cost-Effective Excellence: Benefit from the competitive exchange rates. Our services offer significant cost savings without compromising on quality, providing an economical alternative to local hires in the USA, Europe, and the UK.
Diverse Expertise: Our extensive talent pool includes skilled chartered accountants, auditors, financial managers, IT developers, cybersecurity experts, and more, all ready to contribute to your business success.


Nelmari FinlayAccountant Online (International Recruitment): Head of Operations

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for the outstanding international remote recruitment services provided by Recruitco, and especially the amazing services rendered by Geraldine Turner as our Relationship Manager. Having had the privilege of working closely with Geraldine on numerous occasions, I am confident in expressing my appreciation for their expertise in handling the end-to-end process of recruitment, sourcing, identification, and onboarding of candidates from diverse backgrounds.

They consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities associated with international remote recruitment. Their ability to navigate through geographical and cultural differences sets them apart in the field. The attention to detail in candidate sourcing and identification showcases a commitment to finding the right talent for our organisation.
One of their standout qualities is their proficiency in managing the entire payroll process for international hires. The meticulous approach ensures a smooth and transparent payroll operation, contributing to a positive experience for both the organisation and the employees.

In addition to their professional acumen, Geraldine brings a personal touch to the recruitment process, fostering a sense of connection with candidates and making them feel valued from the outset. This has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the successful onboarding and integration of new team members.

Santanna MaistryAccountant Online (International Recruitment): International Accounts Administrator

I had the pleasure of working with Geraldine Turner (Regional TES Manager) for the past 5 Months and I can confidently say that she is one of the best recruiters I have ever encountered. She is professional, reliable, and knowledgeable in the recruitment industry.

I felt that she went above and beyond to find me the best opportunity that matched my skills, interests, and goals. She was always responsive, supportive, and honest throughout this entire process. She also provided me with valuable feedback, guidance, and tips to help me feel comfortable and ace the interviews. She truly cares about her candidates and their success. I would highly recommend Teleresources especially Geraldine to anyone looking for a new career opportunity. She is a great asset to her company and the recruitment industry.

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