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Quality Sourcing: We meticulously source and vet candidates to ensure only the most qualified professionals are considered.
Leadership Recruitment– Exclusive hiring of elite management roles like Operations Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Workforce Management, Real-Time Analysts,
Comprehensive HR Management– Including industrial relations, payroll, benefits administration, and employee engagement and wellness.
Strategic Workforce Solutions– In-depth workforce planning, shift rostering, and a flexi work pool.


Mark EsseyCapability BPO - CEO (South Africa)

Capability BPO offers a diverse set of BPO services to private and public sector clients, both to Domestic and International markets.

This letter serves to confirm that Teleresources has provided Capability BPO with Outsourced Staffing and Recruitment Services since the inception of our BPO Business in 2018.

The scope of the service provided by Teleresources included:
• Candidate recruiting.
• Screening of Candidates to ensure they met the job specifications.
• Full Credit and Criminal background checks.
• Management of temporary staff before they became permanent members of staff.
• Payroll Management of temporary staff.
• Disciplinary and other related staff services
• Capability BPO has no hesitation in recommending the services offered by Teleresources. They have delivered services that have exceeded our expectations.

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